About Us


Is established on May 12th, 2010 in the city of Blagoevgrad. The RES Cluster unites representatives of the business and non-governmental sector in the field of the renewable energy and EE, as well as scientific groups.



The overall vision for development of the RES Cluster is aimed at the achievement of conditions for sustainable development of clean energy production and its efficient management and consumption in Bulgaria. In maintenance of the environmental protection European Union policies, the transition to a green economy and reducing to minimum the climate risks, in relation to the national priorities and the new regulatory requirements towards the energy business sector in Bulgaria, the RESC encourages the development and introducing of innovations in the RES and EE sector.


(look in Statute)


In compliance with the Statute, the management bodies of the RES Cluster are the General Meeting and the Managing Committee. The General Meeting is the supreme body of the RESC and all of the RESC members through their representatives shall take part in it. The RESC is managed and represented by the Managing Committee that consists of at least 6 member-companies of the organization. The Managing Committee shall elect the Chairperson of the RESC which represents the organization in regard to third persons as well as conducts the coordination between the bodies of the RESC. The coordination and collaboration between cluster members is being carried out by the Administrative Body of the Cluster.