A full use of the renewable energy sources at regional and national levels as well as achievement of sustainable socio-economic development of the regions through effective interaction and cooperation between different organizations


Implementation of cooperation between and among companies, non-governmental organizations and scientific groups for support of productive and technological development of SME’s in the field of the RES
Support for the entrepreneurial initiative for the establishment and application of new products and technologies in the field of the RES
Improving the qualification and re-qualification of the managers, experts and employees appointed in the member companies of the Cluster
Collaboration between the companies related to marketing, technologies, information services and publicity issues of common interest to all Cluster members
Provision of information support and assistance to the member-companies of the Cluster for participation in joint programmes and projects in accordance with the requirements of the national and European operating programmes and funds
Organization of cooperation and collaboration among the member-companies of the Cluster and Implementation of international cooperation with similar organizations
Joining the efforts of the RES electricity generating member companies for contracts and bargain conclusion and provision of support for the development of innovative products, processes and technologies in the RES sector


The competitive advantages of the RES Cluster are based on the long experience of its members in both the generation of energy from RES as well as of the traditions in the production of machinery and specialized equipment for the energy industry, complete engineering and construction of installations for the production of energy from RES.


Provision of a united organization of experts and professionals with many years of practice in their fields


Business support and consultancy services in the field of RES and EE


Development and access to new technologies, know-how and good practices in the field of RES, EE and sustainable development


Participation in European and international initiatives and projects in the field of RES and EE