In June 2020, association “Renewable Energy Sources Cluster” concluded a Contract № BG16RFOP002-1.016-0011-C01for the implementation of project “Development of Innovation Cluster RES”.

In June 2020, has started the implementation of project “Development of Innovation Cluster”, Contract No. BG16RFOP002-1.016-0011-C01. The Beneficiary of the project is association “Renewable Energy Sources Cluster”. The project is being implemented under the Operation Programme “Innovations and Competitiveness”, Priority Axis: Technological development and innovations”, Procedure: “Development of innovation clusters”, Area of Intervention: 063 Cluster support and business network primarily benefiting SMEs.

The project is directly aimed at increasing of the competitiveness of the RES Cluster trough stimulating its innovation activity. The specific objective of the project is to develop an innovative installation and to create a demonstration center for generation and internal balancing of 100% green electrical energy, by strengthening the innovation and research potential of the Cluster, joint utilization of facilities, exchange of experience and knowledge transfer between the members of the Cluster and establishing cooperation between them.

The main and specific objectives of the project represent the general frame and vision of the way the RES Cluster could strengthen its competitive positions in the context of increasing competition as on this particular basis to contribute for the sustainable economic development of its members by increasing the share of enterprises developing and disseminating innovations. The development of new and innovative products is a core factor for the establishment of solid competitive advantages that will ensure the implementation of a sustainable model of growth and development in the long run.

The project duration is 24 months /26 June 2020 – June 2022/.

The total amount of the project is 2 282 940 BGN /1 274 337.00 BGN European and 224 883.00 BGN national co-funding/.